Quick loans for school layette with long repayment period

After checking the comparison of quick loans on our website, you can easily see that the vast majority of online loans have a repayment period not exceeding 30 days. In turn, many installment loans have a repayment period of not less than three months. This situation results in the emergence of a market gap in loans for a period of […]

Which loan suits me best?

  To know which loan is ideal, it is important to define the use that will be given to the money. This will depend on the type of loan to be requested and the specific entity where to apply. If you have asked yourself the question “which loan suits me best?”, This post is of interest to you. How to […]

Are the loans deductible?

There are many people who do not know how loans work in accounting. There are even those who have not yet found an answer to the question “are the loans deductible?”. Therefore, this article will try to answer this question. If someone has financial products and the income declaration campaign is approaching, it is interesting to know what expenses will […]

What loans can be requested while in debtors list?

What loans can be requested while debtors list? It is a recurring question. These acronyms refer to the National Association of Financial Credit Institutions, which is responsible for preparing files on individuals and companies in default or debt. In this post we want to answer this question and share some options for people who appear debtors list. What loans can be […]

Business loans: do you know how to acquire an excellent one?

Getting loans for companies does not have to be a headache for those who are still small and want to invest in business. Through peer-to-peer platforms – also known as P2P – entrepreneurs have access to cheaper, less bureaucratic and fully digital lines of credit. Never heard of this type of loan and want to know how it works? So, […]

What loans are not paid in December?

There are a few days left until Christmas arrives and many people are already thinking about how to deal with the extra expenses on these special dates. Financing becomes essential in times of need. For this reason, it is important to know the trends in financing costs during the last months of the year. What loans are not paid in […]

Peer-to-peer and small businesses: good credit option for expansion!

One of the great challenges of a small company, especially when it is preparing to expand its activities, is to obtain credit for expansion in the traditional market. Faced with this difficulty, new types of lending have emerged – and peer-to-peer is one of them. Currently, there are platforms that unite peer-to-peer and small businesses, enabling the ease of financial […]