What is a credit and tips to apply for it easily and quickly?

Amount of money that a financial institution lends with the commitment that it is paid together with an amount known as interest and within a certain term. A loan is useful for acquiring goods and services that cannot be paid in cash for not having the necessary amount at the time.

It is a financial solution that allows people to meet needs or unforeseen events, achieve goals, improve their quality of life or allow themselves likes such as going on vacation. If you choose and manage responsibly, it is the best option to have an amount of money that would otherwise be impossible.

Types of credit

Types of credit

There are different types of credits, designed for specific needs. The most common are:

  • To consumption. As a credit card, payroll credit and personal credit.
  • Mortgage
  • Business.
  • Automotive

Tips to apply for a loan

Tips to apply for a loan

As it is a decision of great importance, the following should be considered before making a credit application:

  1. Make calculations both to request the amount really necessary and to ensure that the credit can be paid without compromising personal economy.
  2. Provide 100% true data. This avoids possible inconsistencies that will result in a decline in the request.
  3. Review and ask the institution in question about the terms under which the loan will be granted, to be informed and convinced at the time of signing the contract.
  4. Once granted, use the money for what was initially requested, so that it is not spent on other things.

Lending company has credits for retirees and pensioners of IMSS, ISSSTE or IMSS workers, which are under the payroll modality, which implies that:

  • The applicant must have a payroll card.
  • No guarantee or guarantee is required.
  • The credit amount can be between $ 30,000 and up to $ 100,000.
  • It can be used for the purposes that the client decides.
  • Payment terms can be: 12, 18 or 24 months.
  • Approval subject to bureau consultation and evaluation of payment capacity.
  • Credits include accident and life insurance.

In addition to the following benefits:

  • Rate and fixed payments.
  • Automatic renewal after three months, if more money is required.

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